Terra di Sorelle' (Land of Sisters)

Welcome to OM Sisterhood

Welcome to OM Sisterhood – Our Maidens, Our Mothers, Our Midwives, Our Matriarchs. You have heard the Sisters Calling from Terra di’ Sorelle (Land of Sisters).  The place where Earth energies are converging to nurture, and provide a sanctuary for women to rediscover their strength.  Powered by a vision seeded in embracing sisterhood and the activation of transformative Matriarchal templates, I feel the vibration of women merging, to weave their web of wisdom.

Terra di Sorelle holds the Earth altar speaking to all women ready to connect with their essence and weave a tapestry of renewed vitality, fostering a community of shared strength and purpose.  From the embrace of this land women can be held by the OM Sisterhood. A space to replenish the spirit of women.  A fertile ground to cultivate resilience and self-empowerment.

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Follow the vibration of your Heart and the Music of your Soul