Our Story

The Story of OM

OM. Our Mother. Our Midwife. Our Matriarch. OM. The universal sound, unlimited and eternal. The seed sound of all creation. A frequency found in all things throughout nature.  OM. The centre of hOMe.

OM. Home of the divine Mother, founded on the roots of wild mother wisdom.  The ancient knowledge inherent to all women. OM has a soul mission to return all women to their intuition.

With a calling to serve women, Our Midwife was created by Tanya as a warm place to bring women home to birth. Her passion and devotion to Women and Birth has expanded the work of Our Midwife, embracing her duality as Our Matriarch.

A woman who embraces her gifts to lead by example, Tanya is held in the hearts of many with deep gratitude, love and respect as Our Midwife and Our Matriarch.

Welcome Home to the place where women come to be Earthed in Sisterhood.

Our Midwife is Our Matriarch. Our Matriarch is Our Midwife.