"Women reclaiming birth into their own hands, in their own homes is the solution to healing humanity"

Our Story

Our Midwife is the divine mother, founded on the roots of wild mother wisdom, the ancient knowledge that is inherent to all women.  Her soul mission is to return you to your intuition, as she guides you in your desire to birth at Home.  Our Midwife honours the wild primal instinct of birth.  She is the wise woman who believes in the organic nature of motherhood and the inner knowing that women carry from their foremothers.

Our Midwife worships the intimacy of relationship that must be nurtured as she guides you towards your highest desires for birth.  The journey with Our Midwife is guided by your intuitive knowing and reclamation of self-responsibility and choice,  encompassing the unique needs of you and your family.  Our Midwife is attuned to balance the art of Midwifery Care woven with wise woman guidance, placing you as the authority on your journey.

Our Midwife believes that birth is a woman’s sacred rite of passage to motherhood that holds life-long significance on the health & wellbeing of mothers, babies, families and communities.  She trusts, nurtures and honours the spirit of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and believes in the strength of women to grow, birth, nourish and nurture new life into this world.





Our Midwife

Our Matriarch

Our Queendom

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If you are feeling a deep soul calling to be guided by Our Midwife in one of her offerings, please book a complimentary discovery call below to feel into the alignment of our energy, and explore the offering that best suits your unique blueprint.

Our Midwife

Tanya Pensini
Soul Aligned Midwife

Email: tanya@ourmatriarch.love
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