Postnatal Care

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  • Midwifery care in your home for 6 weeks after you birth.
  • Postnatal breastfeeding and parenting education and support.
  • Labour and Birth debrief
  • Support and assistance with general baby care
  • Support with what to expect during those first precious weeks
  • Emotional support and support with family adjustments
  • Parenting support
  • Sleep and settling techniques
  • Neonatal Screening and referral for Healthy Hearing Screen.
  • Provision of baby health record.
  • Monitoring of newborn growth and development and general health and well-being in the first six weeks of life.
  • Postnatal maternal checks monitoring your recovery from pregnancy and birth for six weeks.
  • Provision of a Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Summary.
  • Connecting you with community supports and networks.